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LayZeeSnake Trio

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Gear Demo Videos

Featured Video:

Epiphone Dot 335 Cherry vs Gibson LP Custom (rock riffs)


Rock Riffs and Licks - Demo on Sansamp PSA1 + TC G-Major 2

Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty bluesy/jazzy sound

Epiphone The Dot Cherry (ES-335) Blues sound Demo

G&L Legacy vs Ibanez JS-1000

Eagles - Hotel California

Restored 12 string acoustic

Voodoo Blues by Bluesmannus

Ibanez JS-1000 Joe Satriani Demo

Muse - Hysteria

Texas special pickups demo

SRV - Testify

Sansamp PSA 1 + G-major 2 bluesy sounds 

Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2