Epiphone Cherry Dot review

In our opinion, this guitar is “bestbuy” from Epiphone. W think it’s their best guitar, and although it’s not perfect, you get your bang-for-the-buck here.

The finish is absolutely beautiful and I’ve seen a lot more expensive instruments that didn’t have such a beautiful finish. The pictures and videos don’t do it justice, as it looks…Click to read the full article


12 String extreme makeover :-)


This axe needed a very serious make-over, as it is 40 years old. The make and model is unknown to me as it was purchased used back in the nineties from a seller who also knew nothing about it.

The worst problems arose around the guitar neck. As it spent a whole lot of it’s life in a trunk of an old 1973 VW Beetle, you can imagine the shape the neck was in.

The body also warped as the pull of the strings was too great for this old lady.

The freatboard was as dry as blackpowder…

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12 before-after