New gear review

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue amp

The drive channel is crap, don’t use it. But the clean, omg the clean, this is the one. This is the best sounding clean sound from a budget tube amp. Also handles pedals very good and the dinamic responsivnes of the preamp is too good to be true. To get “the tone” I put a 5751 in V1 and ECC81 in V3, with a stock V2 and power tubes. Use this amp every day.

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Fender BD1

G&L USA Legacy stratocaster

My No.1. It’s my first electric guitar and it feels the best to me. Like it’s a part of my body. Dual fulcrum bridge is the best design in the world as far as tuning stability. I’ve modded it with SJBJ neck and bridge pickups and it’s my one-axe-for-all. Nothing you can’t play on it. After all, it is the latest strat design Leo Fender made…

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