Squier Bullet vs. Affinity Telecaster

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Today we’re gonna take a look at 2 of the most affordable teles from Squier, the bullet and the affinity series. They just may be THE best band for the buck teles out there so if you’re looking to buy one but don’t know which one to choose, you’re in the right place.

They’re both made with alder bodies and maple necks, have single coil magnets, a 3 way switch and master volume and tone. The both come with the same sealed tuners for great tuning stability and they both come with a modern 6 saddle bridge for good intonation. They both play and feel great, they have modern C shaped necks, with a 9,5 inch radius, 25,5 inch scale length, and 21 frets.

So what are the differences? Well the Bullet is made in indonesia, the Affinity in China. The Bullet is a string through body design and the Affinity is a top loader. Affinity pickups are hotter, with higher output, and have more pronounced mids, the bullet pickups, to my ear have sort of a scooped mid response in comparison., The bullet body is a little thinner. The affinity has a narrower nut and string spacing so it’s great if you have smaller hands. As for the electronics, on the affinity you get full size pots, and on the bullet they are much smaller, as you can see. The switch is exactly the same. Pickups are both ceramic, which is no surprise at this price point, but as I mentioned before, there are slight differences in sound. 

If you want one for yourself there’s a link in the description. I think these are both amazing for the price, and you can’t go wrong with either one. Which one do you prefer, let me know in the comments.

I’m gonna play 10 riffs on each guitar and let you hear the difference. 

Get one for yourself:

14 thoughts on “Squier Bullet vs. Affinity Telecaster”

    1. Well that’s something new! I got a top loader here. Does it say Affinity on the headstock?

  1. Just purchased a bullet but it has an affinity sticker on headstock. Figure it’s a bullet because of string through body, that’s why I bought it. Prefer string through on my guitars.

  2. I think the wood on both guitars are basswood your not going to get alder at this price. Basswood is a good body wood and bit lighter.

  3. I also have just purchased an affinity MN BB and it too has a string through body? has this changed?

  4. The Bullet is better in IMO though it doesn’t say Bullet on it anywhere. Set up really good out of the box. The tuners kind of suck but it stays in tune. The strings that come on it are a joke. I changed them out to a 10s heavy bottom set. The nut slots are small for wider strings I left as is and just changed the string height. Absolute deal of a price at 135 from MF. They run these about once a year at these prices.

  5. In what is a very confusing twist, based on Fender’s archived website as of January 2020, the Bullet was made in Indonesia and was string-through, while the Affinity was made in China and was not string through.

    As of 2023, based on Fender’s current site, it is reversed. Bullet is made in Indonesia and is string-through while the Affinity is made in China and is not.

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