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Bluesmannus studio

Producing professional audio recordings in the studio, using the latest hardware and software solutions. From the first note to a mastered recording, all in one place. In a sound treated environment, using professional condenser and dinamic mics, capturing every nuance of a performance. Multi-channel drum recording, instrument recording is followed by computer based digital editing, mixing and mastering. VST instruments are also used where needed, vocals are shined to perfection including DSP processing, pitch correction, and harmony creation.

Producing high quality HD videos using multiple HD cameras for multi-angle shots. Digital editing including after effects on high power multimedia stations.


Microphones, instruments, preamps, channel strips, digital interfaces, sound processors, mixing and mastering software all have an impact on the final sound.

Recording and EQ techniques and acousticly treated environment also contribute to a professional sound.

Current Projects

From demo recordings and tutorial videos, to producing singles and albums as well as professional music videos, Bluesmannus studio offers solutions for every need.


Presentations and online marketing for bands and musicians including web design and promotional videos and commercials.


Producing high quality guitar backing tracks is an ongoing project, and although they are completely free and usually posted on youtube, donations are gratfully accepted through Paypal below.

Original Recordings

Promo Videos