Boss Katana 50 Version 3 Unboxing & Demo

Today we have an unboxing and demo of a great amp, the Boss Katana 50. We’re gonna open it up and test out some of the factory presets that you get right out of the box. BOSS Tone Studio for Katana is the software that comes with it and really opens up this amp, once you conect it to a USB port. Along with all the panel controls you also get something like 58 virtual effect pedals, all of which you can store in the 4 channels in your amp to take with you either to a show or band practice, or just a jam with your friends. You can use 3 simultaniously, in some cases 4 if you combine reverb and delay. So that’s over 50 effects and pedals including the standards like the tubescreamer, the big muff, fuzzface, rat, mxr distorsion plus and loads of others.

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